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27 September 2010 @ 10:24 pm
The other day I finally finished installing and downloading the PTR junk for WoW. 'cause I'm curious and I like testing stuff out before they actually go live.
Basically... when I logged into my pre-made Paladin all I did was giggle excitedly and repeat "Holy shit" to myself for about 10-15 minutes while I played around with the Raven Lord mount and dug through my bags of epics <_<
AFTER I was done fangirl-squealing I got down to looking through the talent trees and gear checking.
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23 September 2010 @ 12:39 am

This is how I roll...
 I go by the name of Joy, I am 24 years young, and I hail from Northwestern Ontario, Canada.
Nationality; Native American, German & French. I'm a mutt by birth.
Personality-wise, I can be summed up as; Sarcastic, Sweet, Sincere and somewhat Sassy.
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Current Location: Sioux Lookout, ON
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